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trends in healthy, vegan bars
Health-conscious consumers with busy lives prefer snacks that fit their lifestyles, with high fiber, protein, less sugar and natural ingredients. In this article, we present the main trends in snack bars, key launches and consumer preferences.
chocolate trends 2024
We explore the latest trends in chocolates, highlighting functional ingredients, sustainability and the permanent search for indulgence in this sector.
functional food trends
We review the key trends in functional food and supplements in Spain.
cereal bar trends
Despite growing health concerns, the cereal bar sector is seeing an increase in demand for indulgent products. As a result, brands will have to strike a balance, reducing sugar content while trying to avoid major changes in taste.
The climate crisis is increasingly accentuated by our consumption habits, which is leading to different changes in the sector, highlighting the most economical, healthy and sustainable options. In this article we present the latest trends in ready meals.
In this article, we will explore how brands in the sauces and condiments sector can navigate these changing dynamics, focusing on crucial aspects such as naturalness, sustainability and versatility. In addition, we will discover how social media and dietary needs play an essential role in the evolution of the market.
In this article, we present the various trends that are gaining momentum in the beverage sector. We will focus on the sustainability, taste and functional benefits that more and more products in the sector offer, from dairy beverages and juices to plant-based and fermented beverages.
Today, confectionery has experienced an unprecedented boom. In a world where indulgent pleasures are combined with creativity and innovation, confectionery has become an integral part of our culinary culture.
The chocolate market offers a virtually endless variety of irresistible flavors, colors and textures. However, the rise of environmental awareness and the quest for a healthy lifestyle have transformed the way consumers relate to this indulgent treat.
The pandemic marked our lives and our habits. Since then, we have all become more aware of the need to take care of our overall health and well-being, and to prevent possible diseases.
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