Fruit seeds make a difference in candies

Discover the sweetest and most natural side of technology

Natural consumption is more in trend than ever. Therefore, new technologies are appearing that provide us with a wide range of foods, such as fruits, in different varieties, formats and textures to use at any time of the year and just as healthy.

The development of different processes such as depositing, cold extrusion, hot extrusion, cold moulding, etc., have helped different food sectors to innovate, and the candy sector was no exception.

It's time to not only make products more natural, but also provide a look and feel that shows it.

Fruit seeds: the sweet and healthy secret hidden in candies

One way to innovate your products is by incorporating fruit seeds. They are 100% natural dried fruit seeds that go through a process of hot air and precise cleaning techniques.

An option to take into account because they provide multiple benefits, do not provide added sugars, are rich in fiber and contain active ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

A small dose of fruit seed of between 0.2 and 0.5 % can be sufficient to incorporate the natural appeal you are looking for in all types of soft candies, extrudates and gummies.

Main advantages of using fruit seeds in your products:

  • Provide texture and natural look
  • They are clean label because they do not contain additives, chemicals or radiation.
  • Cost savings
  • Easy to transport and long service life
  • Wide range: strawberry seeds, kiwi, passion fruit, etc.

Would you like to learn more about the wide range of fruit seeds that we offer you at TRADES to innovate your candies and sweets? Give them the natural touch they need! Contact our team by clicking here.

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