Pieces of fruit to sweeten the cookies

Consumers want more nutritious cookies

After COVID-19, consumers put a new challenge on the table for the cookie and cracker sector: to innovate in their ingredients so that they become a more nutritious option, but without losing the taste and texture that conquers their palate.

Therefore, the food industry must evolve to find the balance between health and taste by innovating and incorporating natural, healthy and low-sugar ingredients to meet new consumer needs.

Taura has the healthy key to sweeten your products

To enable food manufacturers to improve the nutritional profile of their baked goods, such as cookies, while retaining their pleasant sweet taste and reducing the amounts of sugar in their products, Taura offers a range of fruit pieces with no added sugars, called JusFruit.

They are ideal for incorporating into your products because they provide an intense release of sweetness when chewed and the lingering aftertaste gives the cookies a sweeter perception.

Do you want to learn more about this trend and the range of Taura fruit pieces that we offer at TRADES? Sweeten your products in a healthy way. Contact our team by clicking here.

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