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Just a few days ago, the four exciting days of the ProSweets international trade fair, dedicated exclusively to suppliers to the confectionery and snacks industry, took place in the German city of Cologne, from January to January, attracting experts, professionals and leading global companies. This event was held in the German city of Cologne, from January 28 to 31, attracting experts, professionals and leading global companies.

We are pleased to share our visit in this meeting, with our most relevant represented companies: Paradise Fruits and Curt Georgi. During these days, we explored the latest innovations, trends and technologies that shape the future of the industry, in addition to having the opportunity to establish strategic connections, strengthen our business ties and exchange knowledge, experiences and perspectives.



Sustainability is one of the main trends in all segments and is gaining more and more strength, which has made it one of the most relevant topics in the conference program of ProSweets 2024. In this edition, some guided tours took place to learn about those solutions with less impact on the environment, from the origin of ingredients and raw materials, to their production and packaging.


Emerging ingredients are enabling the development of more natural and sustainable sweets and snacks, such as reformulated chocolate recipes, which contain up to 80% more cocoa while reducing half of their sugar content.

But this trend also encompasses other innovations, such as natural colorants, sugar substitutes, carbohydrates and low glycemic index fibers, highlighting options such as low-sugar gummies, the use of inulin and solutions with calcium carbonate encapsulated with rice protein.


  • Sweets

Candy producers are responding with new references or reformulations that are healthier, innovative and creative. For example, they are betting on unusual combinations such as fruit chewing gums with vitamin C and zinc, or organic cookies to help teething toddlers.

On the other hand, upcycling and the reuse of raw materials are making their way into this trend in different ways, as is the case of the complete use of cocoa fruit in a single product, instead of using beans.

  • Snacks and nuts

The snacks and nuts segment, meanwhile, is betting on clean labels, without additives or preservatives, on more natural and healthy products that are low, reduced or free of fat, sodium and carbohydrates, and on new snacks with functional benefits. In addition, plant-based products are also gaining relevance in this segment, which is increasing its offer with original proposals such as vegetable bars with parsnip chips or jackfruit.

  • Bakery and frozen dough

In the case of bakery and frozen doughs, the most relevant factors are convenience and indulgence, highlighting the Fresh on demand trend, which refers to products that consumers bake at home. Other relevant trends are, on the one hand, the use of alternative sources of healthier fats and, on the other hand, new flavors and combinations to create the sourdough for some products.


Our commercial director, Carlos Soguero, presented two of our companies represented during these days, which had their own stand:


Our freeze-dried fruit partner presented in this edition the crunch and the range of drops made from fruit puree, which can be enriched with some type of mineral or collagen. They are ideal for snacks and can also be used for chocolate coating and other applications.


Another of our representatives who attended the fair was Curt Georgi, the flavor house with more tradition and experience. Specializing in the confectionery sector, it offers a wide variety of flavor ranges ideal for this sector and responds to both the healthiest trends and the search for sensory and indulgent experiences.

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"We are committed to continue providing value from innovation while taking into account the needs of the consumer."

- Carlos Soguero -

This year, at Trades, we are celebrating 50 years working on implementing innovative strategies and strengthening ties with our customers and suppliers.
innovative strategies and strengthening ties with our customers and suppliers.


Would you like to pay us a visit? We are waiting for you with the latest from our represented companies.

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