Trades to participate in the new edition of Nutraceuticals 2024

Trades Nutraceuticals 2024

 Trades, coinciding with its 50th anniversary, is once again participating in Nutraceuticals 2024, which will take place on March 6 and 7 at the International Convention Center of Barcelona (CCIB) . In this edition, it will be accompanied by three of its best represented companies in the Nutry & Health sector: Alesco, Biotis and Abyss Ingredients.

Consumers recognize that all aspects of health are interconnected and should not be addressed in isolation: we talk about immune health and care of our digestive system, cognitive health, physical health and performance.

Incorporating functional ingredients in food, as well as through food supplements, Abyss Ingredients, Alesco and Biotis focus their value proposition on offering the best solutions to meet these needs. This year, they will also present new solutions for the needs of today's consumers.


Alesco and Sucrosomial® technology

Alesco stands out for developing microencapsulated minerals from its patented Sucrosomial® technology, which improves the absorption and tolerance of microelements, macroelements, phytoextracts and vitamins.

In addition, it protects the active ingredient from the acidic gastric environment, increases the absorption and bioavailability of the active ingredient and ensures a neutral taste.


Biotis and its solutions for digestive, immune and cognitive health

Biotis (from the Friesland Campina Ingredinets group) which provides natural solutions from dairy fractions of high functional value.

One of its most innovative solutions for digestive wellness is Biotis® GOS, the world's most researched galactooligosaccharide to date . Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity is its most concentrated and high purity version (>90%), easy to incorporate in supplementation formats.

Biotis will also present Biotis® Fermentis, a novel protein-rich fermented solution that optimizes the relationship between intestinal health and performance for professional athletes and regular exercisers.

Abyss Ingredients' new solution in dermeceuticals

Abyss Ingredients develops natural and innovative ingredients for the nutraceutical sector from local and sustainably recycled marine bioresources with strong scientific support for their benefits.

Abyss Ingredients will present its latest launch: Dermatidyss®, a natural and innovative solution that addresses holistic beauty, combining physical and cognitive well-being with nutrition and beauty from within.
Abyss will also present its most outstanding solutions: Mnemosyss® to prevent cognitive impairment, Peptidyss® for stress management and Cartidyss® for joint health and delaying skin aging.

Abyss Ingredients, Alesco and Biotis will present their new products on March 7 at the Nutraceuticals Seminar Theatre. 

If you want to see what the previous edition was like, here is a video so you can take a look at it: 


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