In trades, something smells freshly baked: the hottest trends in baked goods

Who has never passed by a bakery and been seduced by the aroma of freshly baked goods?

As you know, sensory aspects are a key ingredient in the indulgent category. In fact, a Mintel study shows that 78% of pastry consumers buy this product on impulse.

Its irresistible sweet taste creates a powerful effect of well-being in the brain and, in turn, the pleasure of taking something forbidden.

For all these reasons, manufacturers devote a lot of effort to try to surprise consumers who seek to take care of their health without giving up such a sweet pleasure, betting on less processed products, with natural or organic ingredients, and combining different flavors and textures to create completely new sensations.

At TRADES, we want to reveal the four most important trends in the sector to help you continue to innovate and make your products stand out in the market:

  • INNOVATIVE FLAVORS: Consumers tend to repeat with the flavors and styles they already know. However, launching new flavors inspired by popular culture, innovating with new formats and experimenting with new textures can stimulate purchases and increase interest in your products.
  • DIET-FRIENDLY OPTIONS: despite being an indulgent product, consumers are looking for options that are more in line with their dietary needs with reduced sugar, low-fat and low-calorie products.
  • VEGAN: although the vegan trend is becoming more and more fashionable, vegan pastries and bakery products are still to be developed. Take advantage of this opportunity to create new products.
  • CHOCOLATE: chocolate is the leading flavor for innovation in cakes, pastries and pasta in Europe. According to Mintel, 36% of new launches taste of chocolate.
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