Food, health and flavor: an irresistible pleasure

Hands up anyone who can resist not snacking between meals.


Stress and our fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles make snacking part of our daily lives and, at the same time, require innovative and convenient products.


But, first and foremost, we must keep in mind that health and wellness are the key ingredients that consumers are looking to savor in their food and beverages. This is why, more and more, growth in organic, vegetarian and gluten-free products is being encouraged.


Vegetable snacks in all types of presentation, production processes that contribute to healthier proposals and products containing more sustainable proteins are some of the trends that are gaining importance in the sector.


The road to innovation in snack foods is clear. At TRADES, we want you to be the first to follow it. For that reason, we inform you about the latest trends in snacks:


-Richin fiber. Fiber, in addition to improving digestion, causes a feeling of satiety and is a prolonged energy source. Adding fiber to your snacks is an opportunity to innovate and offer consumers the necessary daily intake.

-100%vegan. Vegan foods are closely linked to health and wellness. For that reason, adding them to our products is key to attracting a large number of consumers, beyond those who follow a vegan diet.

-Theideal balance between health and pleasure. The challenge we face to stand out in the industry is to develop healthy nutritious snacks that deliver unimaginable taste.


Now that you know the keys to success in the snack sector, what are you waiting for to start baking your own? At TRADES we are sure they will become a trend.

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