Commitment to technology

Our purpose at Trades is clear: to promote attractive, healthy and sustainable food to help our customers within the food industry.

Technology is part of our lives and in our case, in addition to living it in our daily lives, it is closely linked to one of the main current market trends: the FoodTech industry.

This industry, born from the purpose of different startups and companies to improve all layers of the food industry through the use of new technologies, often disruptive, is one of the main trends in recent years.

At Trades we like to be close to innovative ingredients emerging from pioneering technologies such as precision fermentation or cell cultured meat, ingredients that may seem futuristic like insect protein but that we firmly believe will be part of our future and that of our customers.

In this way, we contribute our grain of sand to the disruptive change that we are experiencing in the food industry and which many of our customers already want to be part of.

If you are one of them or just want to know more about how we can help you to be in line with this trend, don't forget to contact us.

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