We have the best kept secret in salads

September has arrived and, with it, the time to return to the routine and to resume the habits to continue with a good diet. In addition, with this heat, fresh, natural and healthy dishes, with little complication, are still appetizing.

In this sense, prepared salads are the king of the moment, since they are very easy to consume and can be combined with multiple ingredients.

In fact, according to Alimarketaccording to Alimarket, the salad market is evolving towards new proposals that move away from traditional recipes and opt for healthy ingredients. Above all, the trend points towards more exotic salads, which include ingredients such as quinoa.

At this time, betting on creativity and the mix of textures, colors and flavors is essential to adapt and respond to the needs of consumers. For this reason, TRADES presents the following trends:

  • ETHNIC: consumers are looking for intense, innovative flavors and travel. They are looking for the experience of tasting flavor blends that transport them to different parts of the world.
  • SUPERFOODS: super foods have antioxidant properties, but also a high mineral and vitamin content. Their characteristics are focused on health and well-being.
  • POKEBOWLS: pokebowls are very popular thanks to their exotic appearance and the simplicity of their ingredients.
  • PREMIUM/MEDITERRANEAN: the Mediterranean diet, besides being rich and healthy, is part of our cultural heritage and helps us to maintain a balanced lifestyle. For this reason, premium salads incorporate many of its ingredients.


At TRADES, we want you to be always up to date, that's why we present you with the latest trends and never stop looking for new solutions to boost your success.

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