Marine-derived joint care

Consumers in search of more natural and deeper joint care

In Europe alone more than 15 million people between the ages of 40 and 65 suffer from joint pain.. Today, in addition to age, factors such as obesity, obesity, obesity, obesity, obesity, sedentary lifestyle or the practice of contact sports are causing more and more people all over the world to suffer from this type of ailments, among which the most important is osteoarthrosis. osteoarthrosis (better known as osteoarthrosis).

The osteoarthritis, despite being the most common joint disease in the world and one of the main reasons for the total number of medical visits worldwide, has not been widely understood by the medical community. In this regard, and, In this regard, and apart from surgery, the vast majority of patients can only count on generic treatments aimed at relieving generic treatments aimed at relieving pain.. This fact isis causing many many people searchfor natural alternatives in the form of supplements supplements that complement their joint care to improve their daily activity and well-being.

Cartidyss®, the natural supplement that helps to improve joint health

After years of research into high-value health ingredients from the seafloor, the biotechnology companybiotechnology company Abyss Ingredients Abyss Ingredients launches Cartidyss®a unique solution rich in collagen proteins (>62%) and glycosaminoglycans. glycosaminoglycans (37 %) that helps to the structure of cartilage and other connective tissues in our body, while helping to relieve pain.

Scientifically proven efficacy

As demonstrated by recently published studies, Cartidyss® collaborates in the improvement of such important factors as :

  • Loss of cartilage matrix, essential for proper joint function.
  • Mobility, thus improving the speed and quality of recovery. 
  • Mechanical sensitivity, reducing possible pain.


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